Distance and Doorstep Selling Regulations Information

Here is some vital information about the new Distance and Doorstep Selling Regulations courtesy of Simply Docs. Simply Docs is a great document repository for all sorts of business forms and information that can save most business a lot of time and leg work and it’s the first place I found the rule changes explained in simple terms!

I recommend you check it out if you sell goods or services from anywhere but from a bricks and mortar shop, here’s an extract but the full details are on Simply Docs

New distance and doorstep selling rules, applying to business-to-consumer transactions are set to take effect on 13th June 2014, meaning that a number of traders including those dealing with goods, services and digital content will need to update their terms of business.

The rules, derived from EU legislation (the 2011 Consumer Rights Directive), make changes to existing requirements concerning cancellation or “cooling-off” periods and information requirements and are geared towards increasing and enhancing consumer protection.

If your business sells to consumers via e-commerce, other methods of distance selling such as call centres or mail order, or doorstep sales then you will need to check your processes and terms of business to ensure that you are complying with the new rules. The following list details some of the key actions that you will need to consider.

1. Use updated form of Terms and Conditions.
2. Make sure customers have all necessary pre and post-contract information.
3. Delivery of goods without undue delay.
4. Use of new statutory model cancellation form.
5. E-Commerce – making it clear to the consumer that ordering incurs an obligation to pay.
6. E-Commerce – no more pre-checked boxes that incur costs.
7. Customer Service Telephone Helplines – Say No To 0870!

Full Info on simply Docs