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Computer, Phone and Tablet Repairs and Upgrades

I started SMH Technology Solutions as a computer repair business, and although I now include many other services, as a born and bred mechanical engineer ‘fixing stuff’ is in my blood! I can provide custom desktop builds, as well as a complete repair and upgrade service for both Laptop and desktop computers. Operating System and other software issues can be resolved also.
Phone, tablet and sat nav screen replacements are also possible!

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WiFi Services

WiFi is everywhere now, and most of us routinely connect our mobile and home devices whenever we can. WiFi can be temperamental however and you may not be getting the best from your network! How many of your neighbors are on the same WiFi channel as you? Services provided by SMH Technology Solutions including installation, configuration and troubleshooting WiFi networks and all their connected devices.

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Network Services

WiFi is great, but there are many occasions when hard-wired networks are still preferable. Even in small/home offices if you’re shunting large files around all day or do not want the security/management overhead of office WiFi, Ethernet is often still the best option. Of course there is also ‘powerline’ (HomePlug) networking to consider, which has its pros and cons, but should not be discounted.

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CCTV Installation

The security of you home or business is a vital element of our well being! Nobody should return home or to their business to find their property broken into and potentially irreplaceable items or business assets stolen. Alarms are good but criminals today know the chance of a police response is minimal or at best not likely to be rapid so CCTV provides the deterrent to prevent the break-in in the first place. The key to CCTV however is the correct specification of cameras for the right uses; a cheap ‘in a box’ system with poor resolution, focal depth or low light performance is no better than a dummy camera if you can’t get a good image. Let SMH Tech survey and spec your system to meet your needs, not just supply what fits nicely on a shelf in your local retailer! Fitted by qualified Installation Technicians of course.

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Security Services

Security of computer systems is a never-ending quest to ensure the ‘bad’ guys don’t get your digital data. But the weakest link in most defences is still the computer user! So should the worst happen services provided by SMH Technology Solutions including Virus/malware removal, but rather than reacting, be proactive and contact SMH Technology Solutions for security and parental control application installation and configuration and user IT security training.

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Cloud Services

There’s no doubting the future for most computer users will involve some form of Cloud Service like Dropbox or Evernote. SMH Technology Solutions can provide advice, guidance and training, or installation and configuration of many Cloud services from simple file syncing/sharing to multi user collaborative environments or even complete remote desktop solutions.

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Storage Services

Dropbox wants to take over your hardrive! Which is probably a good way to get some publicity but there’s no denying the days when ‘storage’ meant the spinning disk in the box on your desk are long gone! Whether you just need an extra Hard Disk in your desktop, an upgrade to a solid state drive (SSD) in your Laptop, or a full RAID array on your network, SMH Technology Solutions can help.

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Synchronisation Services

With the technical power most of us have in our pockets nowadays, life should be easy! But with the variety of devices, platforms, and services we have access to you’d be excused for thinking life is getting a tad complicated. Do your smartphone photos automatically upload to your home network? Can you browse the web knowing that the page you left open on your laptop at home will be open on your tablet so you can carry on reading on the train? Confused by it all and don’t know where to start? SMH Technology Solutions can help!


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Data Services

With all the syncing, storing, and cloud stuff above you can easily forget that it’s all just 1s & 0s. Data files are the important bit and keeping them backed up, synced or stored, over WiFi or Wires, locally or remotely, all needs careful planning. If your holding customer data let’s not forget your responsibilities under the Data Protection Act (DPA) either. IT and Business support from SMH Technology Solutions includes advice or assistance with data audits and data risk assessment as required by the DPA.

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Web Design and Hosting

You’d be forgiven for thinking everyone has a website nowadays, or could with a few mouse clicks anyway! At the other end of the scale corporate websites can cost 6 figure sums but somewhere in the middle there’s a need for functional, updatable, quality websites that don’t cost you more than your monthly revenue; and that’s where SMH Technology Solutions can help.
Domain management and Domain based Email services are all available for very little cost!

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