Do you have a Professional email Address? You Should!

Are you still using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or other ‘free’ service for your business email?  Well Google research suggests you should think again and make the very minor investment in a Professional email address!  The extract below (from itproportal) speaks for itself, and if you want to find out how cheap and easy setting up Domain based email  (@yourbusiness…….) is, or any of the other cloud services mentioned below, just get in touch.

Google touts the following tips for budding new entrepreneurs:

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  • Starting a business – after getting a professional email address, 60 per cent of young business owners saw an increase in customer engagement after they got a professional email address, and 42 per cent saw an increase in sales
  • Building a business – 81 per cent of young business owners said that online file sharing is critical to their businesses; 73 per cent said that accessing email and documents from a mobile device helps them to close more sales
  • Succeeding in business – 81 per cent of young businesses said they expect their companies to grow in the next year, and of that group, 69 per cent said part of the growth is due to their use of cloud productivity technology