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Kaspersky Security Software HALF PRICE – copy

Kaspersky Labs Logo

Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 Release Offer 50% off Well its that time of the year you have to check your calendar as the 2018 versions of many popular products hit the streets.  As a Kaspersky Affiliate I’m delighted to announce that you

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Think that URL is SAFE? Think that website is SECURE? Think again!

Browser URL bar with SECURE SSL status

A Wordfence Blog post says ” Secure in Chrome Browser Does Not Mean Safe! ” Here’s why – SSL Certs are being issued to Malicious domains!

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Phishing tactics, interesting change!

Graphic of a 'Danger phishing scam' sign

Remember when phishing email consisted of ‘Nigerian’ princes wanting to give you money? Well nowadays they are playing on your fears!

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Is your username still ‘ADMIN’? Hack Attack Warning!

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How many times you’ve been told; “Don’t leave the user name as the default”, or “change your password”? Well if you have not followed that sage security advice prepare for a Hack Attack!

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Marketing Email Problems?

Marketing Email Problems? DMARC changes at Yahoo & AOL could be preventing your important marketing and service emails from being delivered!

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Getting more SPAM!

Have you noticed more spam arriving lately? 156 Million phishing emails are sent daily! Read More……

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Windows XP Support has ENDED

For anyone still runing Windows XP, Tuesday SHOULD have been a day in you diary! Your operating system now has NO SUPPORT from Microsoft! If your not sure what this means to you (and you REALLY should find out!!!), then follow the link or get in touch.

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Criminals can recover SMS’s, passwords and history from second-hand phones |

Criminals can recover SMS's, passwords and history from second-hand phones |

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Virus Alert

Post by SMH Technology Solutions.

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